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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mann Ki Baat

Shabd jo na bayaan kar payein,
aankhon mein hi padh lo
Wo mann ki baat.

Kuch sapne hain,
Kuch Armaan hain.
Chamakti aankhon mein hain
Wo Mann ki baat.

Kai yaadein hain,
Kuch waadein hain.
Bheegi palko se chhanakti
Mann ki baat.

Kuch unkahe bol,
Jo na kabhi hue bayaan.
Koi unsuni fariyad,
Jaise khaali mayaan.

Inhi nazron mein padh lo
Wo Saari kahani.
Kuch nahi kitabein,
Kuch behad purani.

Rain basera banaye
Jaise Rahi Har raat,
Inn aankhon mein padh lo,
Mere mann ki baat.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yaad toh Aani Hi Thi...

Standing at that threshold of my life where past and future appear better planned out than the present. This poem is a dedication to my family.

Yaad toh aani hi thi.
Sabse hatke
unn choti baaton ki
Jinhe Mujhe pyaar sikhaya.
Wo Har rishta,
Jo ek umra tak nibhaya.

Yaad toh aani hi thi...
Wo goad mein gaadi se ghar tak lana.
Wo gadde Ki fislan banana.
Wo behoshi Ka natak karna
Aur Meri gudgudi se uth jana.

Yaad toh aani hi thi...
Dhoop mein nahla kar sukhana.
Wo loriyan gaake humein sulana.
Wo raaton ko darwaza khadka ke darana.
Ulat-Pulat gana sunaake, hamare hosh udana.

Yaad toh aani hi thi...
Aadhi raat ko garma-garam paranthe pakana.
Ravivar ko dahi-doodh se nehlana.
Raat ko Lahore ki kahaniyan sunana.
Dinbhar aapas mein roothna-manana.

Yaad toh aani hi thi...
Har nayi gudiya ki gardan marodna.
Khud hi ladkar mujhse roothna.
Khud hi maarke, apni Shikayat karna.
Jahan bhi jaye, mere liye tohfa lana.

Yaad toh aani hi thi...
Wo laad-pyaar.
Kabhi thodi Si fatkaar.
Wo aam Ka meetha achaar.
Har teej, Har tyohar.
Kai bhooli-bisri raah..
Ek umar Ka saath.

Yaad toh aani hi thi...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Misplaced Rage

Loving someone so much it breaks your heart.
Every thought of bereavement
Each idea of separation,
When did this love transform to rage?

Misplaced rage, messed up emotions.
Fear, pain, torture.
This tragedy of love, 
Movies never mention.

Displaced rage with patience.
Lost faith, new founded insomnia.
Recurrent dreams of abandonment.
When did I become this weak?

Complex feelings, complicated conceptions.
Ill-shaped rage.
Leave me alone,
With my poor old compassion.

Love was to make me strong.
Love was to give me hope.
Love gave me pain instead,
So I never dare to care again..

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Many Me's

"Someday I am going to die!"
I realized with a shock.
This body will erode,
my brain will be go off.
I'll be burnt like logs on a winter night.

Someday I am going to die!
Will it hurt? Will I cry?
Will I writhe in pain the whole time?
Will I have someone by my side?
Will they come to say good bye?
Or will I have a lonely life?

Someday I am going to die.
What will they remember me by?
Would it be good riddance?
Or will they yearn for me?
Will there be grieving
On my final journey?

'Someday I am going to die',
A thought I had long back.
As a kid, a stranger to the world
Of time, age and healing power.
A kid I don't remember much of.
Weird How it never occurred..

Back when I was young
That you're too many, not one.
Every year, every stage, every phase
Through every love, loss or heartbreak
You shed your skin and mould
Into a new entity with the same soul. 

I visit you some times
In the garden of my memories.
Some old, some fading, some bright.
It's crazy how I see my own face
Yet find no resemblance
to that kid with shiny eyes.

I've changed without knowing.
No notice, no reminder or ultimatum.
It's funny how I used to worry
About dying a million years later.
Now all I care for is to lead the journey,
The destination hardly matters.
There are still so many Me's,
I am waiting to encounter.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fairy Godmother

I wish I was a fairy Godmother…
You wouldn't have a moment of bother.
I know I would try to smother
You. I am known to indulge in a bit of coddle.

Oh, wouldn't it be great if I was
Your fairy Godmother.

You are no damsel
In need of saving.
You don't even want me
To be there defending.

And there in distress
Lies this guardian angel.
Who needs her protege
At the minimum, to trust her.

I am not indifferent.
I can see that I am not needed.
Yet I can't just leave you
To die of this suffering.

You are far from liberation.
Wrenched in your pain.
Since I can't help you,
I kill myself a little, every day.

I kick off my shoes
Walk over burnt embers.
I snatch your poisoned apple
And devour it with pleasure.

They seem not to grasp
The role of this parent.
Delivering from evil
Is her only saving grace.

So if you don't need me
I won't try to impose.
But I'll hurt myself
So I could feel close.

To you, my beloved
Darling child.
For I will forever,
Be your fairy Godmother.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aaj Phir..

Saalo baad Aaj phir
Tumhari yaad aa Gayi.
Shakl toh ab dhundhli hai
Par baat yaad aa Gayi.

Rail gaadi mein baith kar Aaj
Phir wo raat yaad aa Gayi,
Nayi nayi thi aas tumhari
Wo dil ki tees yaad aa Gayi.

Uss raat ko upper berth par
Tumse door hone ka ehsaas tha.
Na Internet tab tha,
Na phone mera smart tha.

50 Rupaye ke aakhri recharge par
Ummeed meri jaag Gayi.
Wo raat humne yun hi
SMS mein bita di.

Saalo baad Aaj phir
Upper berth par leti hoon.
Achanak tumne jo khayi thi
Wo kasmein yaad aa Gayi.

Mann ki sooni galiyan
Aaj phir jagmaga Gayi.
Tumhari awaaz toh ab dhyaan nahi
Par usme bhare pyaar ki yaad aa Gayi.
Tumse hue lagav, tumhare aitbaar ki yaad aa gayi
Aaj ek baar phir, wo raat yaad aa Gayi.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If I Could Have you Forever...

If I could put you in a locket, I would.
Carry you around my neck
Show you the world as I see it,
Protect you from all wear & tear, I would.
If only I could.

If I could bring you to work with me,
Keep you nearby
Like a pen in my pocket.
Whip you out, only for the most precious tasks, I would.
If only I could.

If I could etch you on my ring
Like engravings on a wedding band.
Never take it off, and keep you safe
From the eyes of others,
Like a secret, I would.
If only I could.

Or maybe like a Kangaroo,
I could Hide you in my pouch.
Look out over you
And save you from all danger.
You know that I would right?
If only I could.

But all that I can do
Is cherish you like a childhood memory.
Sometimes hazy, sometimes sharp,
But always there in my heart.
If only though I could have you forever,
I would. I so would.